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Speakers at the seminar encouraged those involved in the insurance claims process to use recently-developed EDI messages to seek similar improvements in customer house depreciation report services and savings in costs in the claims area. Speakers also looked at how EDI messaging could successfully be implemented using the internet. Those attending included insurers, solicitors, vehicle repairers and representatives from software houses.

As the experience with motor underwriting shows, the advantages of developing an electronic trading environment are impressive, even though it can take time and money. Setting standards is a fundamental part of the process, and we hope this, together with the use of e-commerce more generally in claims handling will strengthen existing partnerships in the motor industry. The latest Media Contact Directory from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has just been published. With more entries than ever, the 1999 edition should prove invaluable for any journalist or company with an interest in the financial sector. In its response the CMC draws on its own extensive experience in monitoring the self-regulatory regime based around the ABI Code.

The CMC supports the overall approach suggested by the consultation document, that there should be arrangements for external scrutiny of the GISC regime which are separate from the Board. the role of the external scrutiny committee and its relationship with the GISC Board should be clearly defined;the scrutiny committee chairman and deputy chairman should have a place on the GISC Board and;scrutiny committee membership should comprise a clear majority of representatives of the insurance industrys customer groups and of the public interest;Both the GISC Board and the external scrutiny committee should be chaired by a public interest representative;The GISC disciplinary system should operate a level playing field between insurers and distributors.

A comprehensive system of complaints handling and redress will be vital to the success of the new regime. The CMC welcomes the opportunity to comment on this important consultation document. An effective and independent scrutiny committee whose role is clearly defined in the GISC constitution will be crucial to the success of the GISC. Discussions are now taking place with a wider group of financial services providers to secure their support and to bring them into the project.

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Focusing on achieving the greatest benefit for the greatest number of children, as the smallest school in the scheme, with around 50 pupils, Flushing was the most vulnerable of the 19 primary schools. Furthermore, forecasts of future numbers on roll suggest that there could be some decline. The overall costs of providing the new £2 million school would be over five times the average amount spent per pupil for the remaining primary schools in the scheme. The County Council has to meet strict affordability criteria if the PFI2 scheme is to go ahead “explained Doris Ansari, the Executive Member for Lifelong Learning.

Including Flushing in the scheme would mean that it could not meet those criteria, putting the whole scheme and extensions and improvements to the other 19 schools at risk. We are very reluctant to remove the Flushing School project from the scheme and understand the disappointment of staff. Governors and parents, but we have no choice if we want to proceed with the scheme, which will provide 21st century accommodation and facilities for 19 of our primary and secondary schools.

We are very grateful to the staff and Governors at Flushing School for their efforts in working with the LEA on this scheme. We may not be able to provide a new school now, investment property tax deductions but we are determined to do all we can to improve the existing buildings at the school. Some villagers will be pleased that the school may well retain its place at the heart of the village. Others had voiced concerns about the danger of access to the proposed new site and its prominence on the edge of the village. The reports were commissioned to evaluate whether the current grazing, agriculture and land programs are meeting the Yukon agriculture policy’s objectives.

The author of the report met with farmers, land applicants stakeholders, First Nations, interest groups and organizations with an in interest in agricultural development. The release gives everyone who provided information an opportunity to examine the recommendations. The reports are being sent to industry representatives, First Nation and municipal governments and other agencies. Copies are available from Renewable Resources field offices, the main Yukon government administration building on Second Avenue as well as the Recommendations include a call for planning exercises to resolve resource conflicts and for new approaches to land disposition to ensure agricultural land is available. He also recommends more resource planning before applications are approved, as well as more effective enforcement tools.

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The Mentoring programme uses business managers as mentors and is aimed at people who run small arts organisations or work in the top management tiers of larger organisations. The Training Opportunities Initiative accesses in-house training courses from the private sector and brokers them out to those working in the arts, usually free of charge. PRESCAP (Preston Community Arts Project) is a community arts based company in Preston, which is seeking to employ Freelance Project Managers to manage a range of projects.

PRESCAP requires a small team of such managers, who will be employed on a freelance basis and must have experience of managing arts-based projects, with budgets ranging from £500 to £50,000. PRESCAP will be shortlisting and interviewing people for this role. The scheme has gone from quantity surveyors strength to strength since it was first funded in 2001 through the ‘Employing Creativity’ initiative of the former North West Arts Board. Organisations to have benefited already include City Life, Cultureshock, Manchester Jazz Festival and the Northern Actors Centre.

Over the next twelve months, the scheme is expanding, so if your organisation would benefit from gaining access to the skills and talents of students and graduates to complete specific projects or generally offer assistance, get in touch. Artists, craftworkers, fashion designers, dancers, film-makers, performers, musicians, writers, poets, monks, nuns, imams, fakirs, shamans, faith-healers etc are invited to holiday in Morecambe and leave work at a gallery/DSS flat devoted to the post-modern mix of religious and secular life. A Romani Gypsy writer, encouraged by the Arts Council, is seeking an experienced professional. The tales are a reflection of the issues and challenges currently experienced by the Gypsy Traveller community.

A director/producer is required for Fire in the Park, a full-length stage play by Deborah Freeman. Supported by a commission from Arts Council England and Greater Manchester Police Museum, and following a first production, a creative team is now needed to develop the play further. Auditions are being held to recruit young people to the European Union Youth Orchestra for a summer tour in 2004 in Italy, Slovenia, the Baltic States, Germany and Scandinavia and for a spring tour in 2005 to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II.