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Cost of Property Valuation in Brisbane

The Property Management Department declared cost of property valuation Brisbane is part of the Andy’s Company Commercial-Investment Division. The agents in this Department are trained to answer all questions related to managing your investment in South Florida and Miami, from the small Condominium to the Apartment Building, Shopping Center or Office building, as well as Bank-Investors Owned Properties (REO).

Our services include the following:

1-Repair, maintenance, and disposition of bank-owned properties.

2-Tenant solicitation.
3-Tenant screening, including free credit report.
4-Rent Collection.
5-Takes care of repairs authorized, and paid by the Landlord.
6-Lease negotiation.
7-Legal advise if needed (by our in-house attorney).
8-Deposit the rent in your bank as per request.
9-Monthly accounting report if requested.

Bank-Investors Owned Properties (REO).

Andy’s Company will take care of these properties from changing the lock, to all type of maintenance needed to in order to market them properly. These services include painting, carpeting, plumbing, landscaping, termite tenting, roof repairs, etc. Our subcontractors have excellent prices, and of course, the quality of their job is excellent.

Here are some property management tips for investors to make your investment as profitable as possible

Managing Your Property.

Efficient management is essential to the profitable operation of any rental property. Some investors prefer to manage their property themselves. Others have neither the ability nor the inclination for self-management and turn the responsibility over to a professional managing agent like us.

How to manage your investment is again, a very personal decision. But generally, the real
estate investor should consider the following points in choosing whether or not to hire professional management.

Convenience. Are you willing to do what is necessary (when it is necessary) to manage the property yourself?

Location. Is the property close enough to you to be managed properly?

Time. Do you have the time required to manage the property effectively?

Cost. If you do choose professional management, will the property financially support the management fee?

In selecting a professional management company, it is also wise to evaluate the firms’ skills in negotiation, marketing and maintenance. We at Andy’s Company, Realtors have received the proper training to manage, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve as the investor.

Finding the Right Tenant.

Whatever your management decision, the most important factor in relation to cash flow and return on investment is keeping a property rented.

The tenant selection process will vary with the type of property owned and with the type of tenant applying to occupy it. But quite simply, you want to attract and keep the best of tenants.

The first step in this challenge is to screen all prospective tenants carefully. Have every applicant complete a specific application form, and find out about everyone who will occupy the premises. Talk with previous landlords, look into rental history, verify employment, and check all personal and financial references. Some investment real estate owners order credit reports on prospective tenants.

Decide in advance what your tenant review process will be and stick to it. Many inexperienced investors panic when a vacancy occurs, and in their frantic rush to rent the property. Remember, it is much easier to turn down a prospective tenant at the application stage than it is to remove tenants who are damaging the property or not paying their rent.

Once the decision has been made, collect the first months rent in advance plus a sizeable security deposit. This deposit will encourage the tenant to take proper care of the property.

Finally, spell out all the terms and conditions in your lease or rental agreement. In most cases, real estate law requires you to make these agreements in writing. Make certain tenants know their responsibilities as far as rent, late payments, expenses, and maintenance. And be sure you know yours.

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