Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors

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We will continue to lead this multi-agency fight against the organisers of this type of criminal activity. With drugs accounting for approximately 70% of National Crime Squad business the Squad is committed to combating the significant threat posed by and availability of illicit controlled. One of the principle objectives for the National Crime Squad in 2000-2001 is to increase the number of operations targeting serious and organised criminals engaged in drug trafficking activities.

To achieve this we aim to increase the numbers of arrests for drug trafficking. The opium crop, which is refined to produce heroin for markets within the United Kingdom and the near continent is primarily cultivated in SW Asia. In Central and North Eastern regions of Afghanistan this year we anticipate the production of 4500 metric tonnes of opium. It is expected that 200 tonnes of refined heroin will be available for delivery to the market places of Europe.

NCIS estimate consumption within the UK to be at 20 tonnes per year. Trafficking groups at this level are tribal in nature but they have experts in production.Convoy logistics and marketing and the process is effectively being carried out ‘to order’ in this sparsely populated desert region. Tax Schedule Around 85% of heroin from Afghanistan is routed through Iran, although with the break up of the former Soviet Union and the emergence. With the break up of the former Yugoslavia the Balkan Route has expanded.

Bulgaria remains the start point and interestingly authorities there have reported a recent increase in the number of ethnic Albanians involved in the trade. Around 30% of traffickers arrested in Bulgaria last year were members of Albanian crime syndicates. Traditionally Turkish Organised Crime Syndicates have held individuals accountable for the management of each shipment. Consequently we continue to see key members within groups ‘appointed’ to oversee delivery in the UK irrespective of the method of transportation or concealment. Recently we have seen British Crime Syndicates more closely aligned with their Turkish counterparts as they establish credibility on the international stage.

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