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who does home valuation services in sydney

“It won’t take long for the industry to see some major changes. It may be through Trulia and their opt-in database. It may be from some type of Craigslist on steroids (think Google Classifieds). It may be the product of a dream from Rich Barton or Barry Dillar (sic). Whatever the solution is, it is being created right now and it will provide huge benefits to home buyers and sellers,” the author writes.

who does home valuation services in Sydney

Kirkland-based HouseValues Inc. entered the game today with a free service called HomePages.

As my story points out today, HouseValues is one of a number of entrants in this emerging category. Others include Seattle-based Redfin — backed by Madrona Venture Group — and San Francisco-based Trulia — a Stanford University project with undisclosed investors.

And then there is Seattle-based Zillow — the mysterious online real estate project founded by former Expedia Chief Executive Rich Barton.

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